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Hierarchical Groups (Groups of Groups)

Hierarchical groups enables easy management of default permissions in enterprise setups.

Using the Portal, users can add one or more parents to groups. The group will then inherit all users and permissions from those groups.

Adding parent groups

To add a parent group:

  1. Create the parent group, if it doesnt already exist.
  2. Open the child group, and press "Add Parent" in the list of users.
  3. Select your parent group in the list and press "save".

You will need:

  1. To be an admin on the child group.
  2. To be at least reader on the parent.

The user listing will show the effective user list, that is all people that can access the system. You can see where a particular user is coming from using the groups column.

Permission resolution

  • A user that is present in multiple parents will receive the highest access role from the parents.
  • If a user is present in both the parent and child, then the user will always receive the role from the child.
  • A group that is a parent cannot also be a child.