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Migrating from Yanzi Live to Lifecycle

Yanzi Live is being depricated in favour of Yanzi Lifecycle, a free upgrade for all customers. A simple and automatic migration is required to make the transition. It has to be done once for each location.


The API is unaffected by the migration.

To perform a migration, log in to lifecycle at Please select the correct cirrus server when entering your credentials. Locations elegible for migration will be shown with a "Migrate" button.

You will be able to start using the new Yanzi Lifecycle directly after migrating.

Effects of migrating

The following things happen when you migrate a system:

  1. Your map files are copied to a new storage location.
  2. If your system contains assets with hand-drawn polygons, then they will be migrated to an automatically generated GeoJSON.
  3. A yellow bar will appear in Yanzi Live informing users that this location has been migrated.

Reverting a migration

In the unlikely event that the migration cause an issue, you may contact support to undo the migration.